TabbyML aims to providing an open source / single-GPU alternative to Github Copilot, allowing deeper integration into business’ workflow (e.g fine tuning on code repositories, RLHF on developer’s real time feedback).




We're open-source and fully remote. In order to enable teams to make great decisions, we share as much information as we can. This includes:


We built a Compensation Sheet to keep salary discussions simple and fair. You’ll know your approximate starting salary before you even apply.

Compensation Sheet

Board meetings

We share slides from each board meeting internally. When everyone knows the direction we're headed and the obstacles we face, they can decide where their time is best spent.

Fundraising & finances

We keep our team informed about fundraising during the process and share a monthly report covering revenue, runway, and more. It's nice when you can see your hard work paying off (literally).

Constructive feedback

Transparency is a two-way street. We encourage individual feedback and run regular 360-degree group sessions with the whole company, so everyone can improve.

Who we hire

We look for people who are:


We look for adventurers. We're here to take a small company to IPO, and beyond. We will only get there if we think differently to everyone else. We're not a fit if you want a predictable career.